Nordicfest Heritage Festival
Children's & Youth Activities
Friday: 4:00-4:30, Make & Eat Krumkake (All Ages) Memorial Gym
      4:30-5:00, Reindeer Run (Ages 4-12) Memorial Center

Saturday: 9:00-10:15,Isfiske (Ice Fishing) (Ages 4-12)
       10:15-10:45, Ski Poteter (Skiing Potatoes) (Ages 4-12)
       Both events held on Nordicfest grounds

        1:00-2:00, Coloring Contest, Memorial Center
        Sponsored by Sons of Norway
        $ Prize awarded in 3 age groups: 4-6, 7-9 & 10-12
        Limited to 10 entrants.
        2:00-2:30, Make & Eat Kramkake (All Ages) Memorial Center
        2:30-3:00, Sommer Snomann (Build a Snowman) (Ages 4-12)
        Team Competition, Memorial Center.
        3:00-3:30, Ute Av Kontrolli (Out of control snowball fight)
        (Ages 4-12) Team Competition, Memorial Center
        3:30, Drawing for Give Aways (All Ages) Memorial Center
For information on events call,
Freda at: