Prevention is always better than any cure.

We are ten useful tips to avoid diseases:

  1. Keep your pet protected from parasites. Although from now until spring decreases environmental parasite load, increasing the autumn and winter are milder, and parasites survive better. Besides, if they are indoors, temperatures will be higher. The equation is: HUMIDITY + TEMPERATURE = PARASITES. It is advisable to use antiparasitic throughout the year.

  1. If you take your pet for a walk, protect it from rain. For this purpose, a waterproof dog is the best choice. Besides, when you come home, your pet dry. Remember the above equation and prevents are wet for long. Moisture and temperature together are also friendly fungi, and these are generally very resistant.

  1. Beware of sudden temperature changes. When it ‘s cold back home and try your pets do not suffer an exaggerated change in temperature. Outside, the temperature in autumn and winter is shallow, and back home, the body has to get used to heat the home. Dogs are applied to the cold outside the house, but we made them “urbanites,” and the problem is these changes that nature is not used. At low temperatures, the Abriguitos is no more.

  1. Therefore watch your skin fungi such as hair loss. This may be normal for changes in temperature but be careful.

  1. Do not slacken time ride. Although the days are shorter and less fancy them out, exercise is vital, a vital part for the health of your pet. Equip your pet with the best accessories for rides are just fun.

  1. You are watching their weight. If for some reason you have to decrease your time to walk and see that fat, you do not neglect your diet. Food must be consistent with the exercise, but we fatten.

  1. Watch out for puddles. With the rains appear puddles and almost inevitably stand to drink them. You must stop it at all costs. Dirty or contaminated water is the source of numerous diseases.

  1. Vacúnale if it’s a dog kennel cough. It is a canine infectious tracheobronchitis that can be prevented with a simple intranasal vaccine. This disease is easily transmitted in the park when he meets other dogs or when we leave in residence, although it is not very serious if very latest.

  1. After the summer, always is advisable to make a check. In certain areas, if your pet is a dog, and Leishmaniasis is endemic, it is vital to do a test to discard it. Sometimes this disease is asymptomatic and underlying or temporarily better prevent it.

  1. Our last advice as always: that when in doubt, go to your regular veterinarian. He is the best you can advise.

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