4 tips for basic care of your cat

The best care is undoubtedly to have a veterinarian header. This will make appropriate revisions, and vaccines will be necessary. But anyway it is recommended that at home we care aspects such as hygiene or cleaning of our pets.

The hygiene cat is famous because it is related to your health. So we want to give you some tips for primary care of your cats :

Bathroom cat

Is a widespread belief that cats clean themselves and to some extent is correct, but we must help them cleaned occasionally, although in general, cats groom themselves by licking. From puppies, they learn to clean themselves. Anyway, you can bathe them from 3 months old, and when they are so tiny, you can do with wipes special for cats. The frequency can be every ten days or less and in winter can be once a month and only if needed. The water must be warm so are better suited as cats are not very fond of the bathrooms. A tip, when you go drained of hairdo it with a towel and if you use a blow dryer on leave earlier to get used to the noise and do not come too close to coat. Be careful with sensitive areas of skin folds and abdomen as having no hair can burn or irritate more easily.

Coat care and brushing

Cats, apart from licking to clean, also comb using its front legs. Still, if the cat has long hair, it is recommended capillaries once a day. The hair cat has an important protective role. It protects you from extreme temperatures of both heat and cold as well as insect bites. When brushing is necessary to use a double-sided brush that is soft to remove dead hairs cat. This requires binaries to the opposite side of the direction of your hair. They can also be used brushes metal spikes complete his toilet. This health care aside for the animal provides a relationship of affection for him, as is usually brushing will become a moment of pampering and games to the pet.

Some breeds of cats such as Persians may lead to the hairdresser to cut their hair, especially if they have very tangled. If you do it at home peeler beware as it can get burns if it reaches very high temperatures, especially in areas most sensitive skin.

If they have to anesthetize him to cut his hair, he asks is always a veterinarian who does so and relevant controls. It is not recommended to do it at home. Anesthetics, however, are still simple to be complicated.

Care nose and ears

Usually, the trunk of a cat does not require much care. They keep it moist, and if not dry or have boogers, will have his perfect nose, otherwise, it is best to go to your veterinarian. Same with his ears. It is best not to touch them too as the pinna is very sensitive. If too much earwax is believed, you can clean it with gauze or washcloth special and very carefully because the auditory part of the felines is their ability to balance. The outside of the ears can usually wash with the shampoo for cats usual.

Taking care of teeth and gums

Felines can accumulate tartar on your teeth, which can lead to cause oral health problems in the feline. For this, there are pasta and toothbrushes special for cats. The owner must carefully wash their teeth to help keep them clean. Many cats from three years of age develop some ailment in the mouth it is necessary to care for her properly. Also, some foods are looked after your teeth and mouth.

The health of a cat is essential for your health, always remember to follow the footsteps of primary care for the animal, and if you have any doubts when you do, always go your veterinarian. Your furry friend will thank you

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