5 Reasons to Buy a scraper your cat

For cats, the ritual of sharpened nails is a necessity and if you do not want to have the house torn apart the best option is to give your pet a resource that mimics their natural environment, or what is the same: a scraper. Here we leave five reasons why it’s worth buying a tool:

Keep your home in good condition.

Cats have a real need to be sharpened nails, and they will do it or yes, with your consent or without it. If you do not want to scratch your couch, your doors, or any part of your furniture that you get caught by hand, the scraper is your best ally. There are many types of abrasives and choose the best for your cat is essential to observe their behavior to decide which is most appropriate. At first, you will have to get used to it, so it’s best to put it next to your favorite furniture and reward you every time you use it with a snack.

Sharpened nails are part of your communication

Your cat needs to tell the rest of the world that he is there in a wild medium should contact their species, and it has some glands on the pads of their paws which leave their scent when scratched. With him mark their territory, so it is imperative to sharpen their claws, it is part of their social and territorial behavior.

It is the natural way to cut your nails

Cats nails are retractable, which means they are usually hidden and can only appreciate when tensioned. The reason is covered with nails because that prevent wear when riding and always kept sharp. The problem is that just like humans, your nails are growing and need to be cut. The natural way is scratching a rough surface, but if you dare also can lower your cat’s nails careful not to hurt him.

Also serves to do your stretches

Cats need to stretch. They love Kneading: lengthen your arms and stick her nails into a pillow, rug, or couch rhythmically; therefore, the scraper is handy for your cat decocks the whole body. Although it is not known with certainty because amass cats, it is likely due to a reminiscence of his puppyhood as it is the movement that cats do suckling.

Will resolve your cat needs without suffering

Some people choose to take your cat nails permanently to avoid problems at home or what is the same: the declawing. This process is a surgical operation performed at some veterinary clinics. As we just saw, nails mean a lot to cats, so you remove them unnecessarily is not advisable. Also, you can solve your need to claw sharpening only with a little patience and educating your cat to use a scratching post.

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