Beware heat stroke!

Dogs and cats are more sensitive than us at high temperatures and can suffer heatstroke. They just transpired through the skin, remove heat primarily through breathing so that prolonged exposure of our pets at high temperatures, is hazardous.

Follow these tips to prevent heat stroke and what to do if your pet experiences one this summer:

What is a heat stroke?

It is nothing but a sudden rise in body temperature of our pet. What veterinarians call hyperthermia and whose physiological effects can be temporary or irreversible and can cause death in just 15 minutes.


  1. Increasing the temperature to 42 ° C
  2. Our pet suffers decay, loses strength and not want to move
  3. They breathe very fast to lower body temperature, but it costs
  4. The heart is shot and significantly increased heart rate
  5. the color of the mucous is altered
  6. They have tremors and stagger

What to do if your pet is suffering from heatstroke?

The first take him to the vet emergency and the way it went with not very cold water and no cover under any circumstances.

If it is not possible to carry emergency, we put it in a bath or wash it down with water at 20 ° C until breathing is normal. We can apply ice in the armpits and English and give water or moisten the mouth. It is not good to drink too much as we have to take him to the vet.

The most important thing is prevention:

  1. Never leave your pet in the car closed if not air-conditioned, whether or not in the shade, and is not recommended if the sun even if it is open. The temperature can reach up to 50 ° C in less than 25 minutes cause the death of the animal in less than 15.
  2. Put fresh water always available, even if you’re on vacation, you can take you for a sprue trip so that your pet can drink water at all times.
  3. Always keep it in cool and ventilated places.
  4. Get him to walk early in the morning or late afternoon.
  5. The meals always first thing in the morning and are not very abundant or caloric.
  6. Be especially careful if it is a puppy or very old. Also in brachycephalic breeds with respiratory distress as the bulldog English or French.

We hope you find them useful these recommendations and share them with your friends to avoid problems with heat stroke this summer!

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