Does your pet overweight?

It is imperative to recognize if your pet is obese to remedy immediately. As in people, obesity in animals significantly decreases the quality of life.

Pets with this problem are more likely to suffer illnesses. Among them, they are osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, related urinary tract, or cardiovascular. Besides, there are specific problems in dogs like hip dysplasia, both elbow and is suitable for which they are at their ideal weight.

Causes of obesity:

The primary purpose is usually excessive calorie intake. This makes for a higher fat which accumulates in adipose tissue.

Fat deposits are increased if there is low power consumption. This usually happens when animals are sedentary and do not exercise enough.

Sometimes compassion gives them our food scraps or overfeeds with prizes or trinkets. Sometimes even we can make laziness, and postpone the walk until the next day.

But the mixture of these two factors produces nutritional problems ranging from overweight to obesity manifests. These problems cause many adverse effects on our pets.

We are predisposing factors:

  • Race: especially in dogs, some breeds tend to gain weight. As an example, we can point to the farmers and Beagle. In cats, purebred are less likely to gain weight than ordinary.
  • Age: puppies, approximately until age do not usually get fat. Everything you consume invest it in growth. They also tend to have a high activity level, so they spend all the calories they consume. As age progresses the tendency to gain weight is more magnificent.
  • Lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle promotes weight gain. Animals that live in flats or houses and do not go to exercise tend to have a higher weight.
  • Castration: some animals neutered, increase your appetite, and decrease their physical activity. There are specific feed for animals neutered come with an index less fat and help them stay at your ideal weight


To prevent obesity, the main thing is proper nutrition. It includes adequate nutrition feed of good quality and a fair amount of their weight and age. Some useful tips regarding diet are:

  • Rationing the recommended two or three times a day, your daily pet amount. This will not have much anxiety when mealtime approaches.
  • Try to give the food always at the same times to establish a routine.
  • Put clean and always available freshwater your pet. This can also ease their anxiety.
  • Not offer too many sweets. Sometimes we sin to reward our pets also. Treats usually have a high rate of fat that can harm them if given in excess.
  • Not give leftovers. If correctly, they fed a proper diet do not need to provide them with leftovers as well as all other caloric contributions, will become fat.

In addition to food, it is an essential exercise. Exercise should be moderate, and according to the age and health of your pet. So harmful is the lack of exercise and excess.

If your pet already suffers from obesity, we must eradicate the problem. Weight loss should be gradual so that neither our pet and your body suffers.

If we give proper diet to our peers, and we go out often walk with them, we will gain in quality of life on both sides.

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