Find out what is Syndrome canine separation anxiety

This common disease is due to the strong bond they have cubs with their mothers and causes many dogs dropouts to arise today. See what to and how you can help with jugoterapia.

What’s Syndrome canine separation anxiety?

When we talk about separation anxiety syndrome in dogs, have to go back to its history and psychology. The canine species has had and has a healthy social behavior that leads him to interact with others and build strong ties with their relatives. These behaviors, essentially materno filial nature, are based on the survival instinct and why are so ingrained in the act of dogs. Puppies have a powerful bond with their mothers because it provides security and its power supply, thus ensuring their survival.

The disorder occurs when the dog is separated from his mother too early, is known as separation anxiety syndrome, and its consequence is the stress of the puppy due to maternal dependency. It may also be that after early weaning dog, create one hiperapego its owner and behavioral disorders occur when the dog is left alone at home or can not be in direct contact with their owners. Although this syndrome usually occurs in puppies or young dogs, the reality is that it is also common in older dogs who have lost part of their capacity.

Syndrome symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs:

Pets suffering from this disease feel safe in the presence of their owners, but when the dog realizes that its owner will leave home begins to experience anxiety either before you leave, when alone at home or in the moment when his master returns home. The most common manifestations that we see are:

  • The barking, whining or constant howling, mainly when left alone.
  • Destructive behavior in the house: furniture, doors, walls, or other objects when we are not with them. We must not confuse these acts with simple games that take advantage of our pets our absence to play without regañemos them.
  • Inadequate bowel movement or urination.
  • Greetings exaggerated when we come home.
  • Aggressive behavior or grunts when we go home.

Other symptoms may include loss of appetite our pet, drooling, licking excessively, or incessantly wandering our home.

Avoiding syndrome canine separation anxiety:

  • Prevention:

If we have a weanling puppy, we must take special care with our behavior until the 14th week, because it is a period in which the occurrence of a traumatic event can be a fear throughout the rest of his life. During the first stage of the puppy, it is very typical that surprised her mother, and this will produce anxiety.

Therefore it is advisable to provide objects with the smell of his mother to calm him during the first days. It is also good to let him sleep in our room for a while until you are ready to sleep alone and gradually expanding the puppy moments of solitude .

Tips and recommendations:

If our dog suffered stress when we parted, we must help him to overcome this trauma positively and never to scold him because that would only worsen the situation. Improve the relationship we have with our pet, increase physical and mental activity, and go slowly changing the association between loneliness and discomfort they are essential to help you overcome this problem points.

Our dog must learn to be independent and gain self – esteem; for this, the most recommended is the jugoterapia. It’s good to enhance its rational side, to learn to control your emotions and your stress in this case. There are many educational games for dogs that keep them entertained and enhance their skills and self – confidence.

When we go to go, it is good to leave them with dog toys or food dispensers to be distracted and not wrecking everything in its path. We can buy a kong our pet, to fill it with your favorite food and let him play with it while we are not at home. It will also come in handy to have an object with its smell and no access to external visual stimuli that can alter you. So, we would be offering positive encouragement when our dog before it was a time of anxiety and tension.

It is essential not to pay any attention to our dog during the 15 minutes before we left and leave home as quietly as a possible and fast way, like when we got back home. So the dog will also give less importance.

Go for a walk, offering lots of incentives and spending their energy, also will be calmer and your pet will strengthen your bonds.

In any case, if you think your pet is suffering stress syndrome separation contact your vet because he can propose more specialized exercises and recommendations for your pet.

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