Is your home safe for your cat? Tips for keeping your pet safe

Windows and balconies

The main risk comes home for our friends are windows and balconies. The cats often you like sunbathing on them and even walk on the ledge. This, though sometimes it may seem that it is beneficial for them can be a potential hazard.

Many cats end up rushing through the windows. And although it is said that cats have seven lives, many of these falls become deadly. Others produce serious consequences.

The casement windows also tend to be extremely dangerous for our untiring friends. Do not allow to be ajar securing cat at any point, and often get caught in them. The latter can be a serious problem if we do not realize in time.

Some nets, lattices or networks for balconies, which when placed prevent cats can go outside. A simple solution, with which we can have our windows and open balconies without any fear that something might happen to them dangerous to our pet.

Home appliances

He is saying that curiosity killed the cat sometimes makes sense. Our cats often feel very attracted to devices. This leads them sometimes to be in trouble. It is essential always to keep the washer and dryer tightly closed because they tend to hide in every hole in the house, and these are some of their favorites.


Toys are essential for cats, but it depends on what kind of toy it can be dangerous.

To our feline friends anything you think proper to play, they love cardboard boxes, rope, and bags.

The latter can be dangerous because they can cause suffocation in extreme cases. With cords and wires, you also have to take extra care. If cats come to eat them, they can cause them problems obstructions in the intestine that may require even surgery.

Toxic plants

We also need to take special care to plants we have at home. Some are very toxic to cats and can cause them serious harm. As an example, given the dates approach, we can highlight the poinsettia. This plant is very poisonous if ingested that. It is therefore advisable not to let within our Pets and Wildlife.


By lockers, we are also very attracted, and if we are not careful, we can leave them locked in them. This could be dangerous if too many hours alone closed, or if they are periods of extreme temperatures remain.

Besides hiding in the nooks and crannies they can find at home, they are a born climber. Everyone, especially the younger ones, loves to climb to the highest places in our house, furniture, curtains, and shelves, are never left unexplored.

Although cats are agile, heights can always become dangerous, and a lousy jump can cost them some trouble.

To avoid all these dangers, we can keep our active and entertained friends with toys safe.

Scrapers tend to be very attractive to cats. They may have double-height, allowing them to climb safely. And surfaces so they can keep their sharp nails. With the use of a good scraper, we can avoid the risk of jumps and falls, and also not harm our home furnishings.

There are many alternatives at home so we can make our home a safe place for them. I’m sure our friends will thank us.

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