Squeegees cat. The best solution to sharpen your nails!

There are several reasons why so cats sharpen their nails. These can include:

  • Nail care. When the cat scratches, is released from the dead layers of the pins and the edge.
  • Communication and territory. For cats, scratching is a labeling method. To gouge the areas visual and odorous leave traces that indicate other animals what their land. Usually, if a cat begins to scratch in one place, it will do the same.
  • Relaxation and play. Some studies have shown that cats sometimes scratching is done to stretch and release tension.

Whether or not places suitable for clawing and scratching with fingernails, cats are going to do, because it is an innate behavior. Those who may have access to the outside will do so in trees. And those who live inside do so in furniture and sofas, whether we like it or not.

To remedy this, it is best to make available our kitten an area where they can sharpen their nails, such as a scraper. It is best to have the tool at home before the cat arrives, thus avoiding as far as possible to take other places to scratch.

There are many different scrapers. Here we show the different possibilities that can be found:

Cardboard scratchers

Deals without a doubt.

They come in different forms, and even wear more quickly; they can help your little friend does not sharpen the nails where it should not.

Vertical Scrapers

This will be the best option if you do not have space at home.

There are many varieties of scraping tables, which can be hung on any surface.

They can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Scrapers Corner

These abrasives can adapt to corners, whether furniture, walls, or sofas.

They could be the right choice if your cat used to scratch in a specific corner of a home.

Scrapers Post

This type of scraper is one of the simplest.

They usually have a base and a pole, which can be of different sizes.

Scrapers tree

These are the scrapers larger.

They usually have several floors, tunnels, houses and beds and platforms for our friends to enjoy.

If you have more than one cat scratchers, these are often the choice because they can use to scrape your nails and play at the same time.

Small kittens have much more agility and can seamlessly use any scraper, while an adult or older cat will be more comfortable to use horizontal scratchers for not having to carry the weight on its hind joints.

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