The holidays arrive! Does your pet accompanies you?

This question has no fixed answer because it depends on many aspects that then try to clarify.

I have a cat. What is better for him on holiday?

Almost all cat owners have raised this ever. Those who know the cats know that, although there are exceptions, these are easily stressed.

If our holidays are a few days and have someone you trust who can take care of should we leave cats at home, with one person in charge of hygiene and provide food and fresh daily (essential, especially in summer) water. So, we avoid the stress that can make the trip in the cat and a new environment for a few days.

If instead our holidays are longer or do not have anyone who can take them, there are many options which allow you to stay with animals.

If none of these options seems to us the best for our cat, we can resort to a residence or pet hotel where our friend take care of while we’re on vacation.

I have a dog Am I take on holiday?

Some dog owners have a clear answer to this question. And is that if your pets accompany them everywhere. Why not also share the holidays with them?

The vacation with your dog can be an unforgettable adventure. But before deciding if our pet with us must assess some circumstances that may arise us on holiday.

We should first ask ourselves what kind of vacation we do? When our pet to holiday with us, we must adapt to some extent to them, dedicating part of the day to your needs. We must plan, among other things, whether the places we will visit the dogs are allowed or not.

If once organized, we see that in our journey we will take time to walk around and go to new places with our friend, the whole family, including our dog, will go high.

If instead on our holiday we will spend most of visiting places where our friend can not accompany our time and have to pay much of the day alone in a strange house, we must consider whether carry is the best choice.

If we decide that our dog does not join us, as in the case of cats, there are numerous hotels and kennels where they can take care of them while we are away.

Despite all this, more and more to bring our pets on vacation trend. Increasingly, some more hotels and apartments allow us to travel with our pet. If you are of those do not you want to separate them for a second, you should follow these recommendations when making a trip with them:

  • Prepare your luggage: Like us, our pets need to carry your luggage. Beds and food bowls, leashes, harnesses, sand trays. We can not forget a single detail so that our pet feel at home in the new environment. It is also essential not to forget to bring your documentation in order
  • Prepare your pet for the trip: There are dogs, and cats wear nothing good move in vehicles, so they might pass it wrong on the trip. For these cases, we can provide a natural painkiller such as Multiva Calming
  • Use a trasportín or restraint system suitable for the journey: If we use a transporter, the animal should be able to join him and turn around. We must ensure that the closures are adequately secured and have proper ventilation.

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