They are dangerous for pregnant cats?

In this post, we will tell you what the disease and how to live a cat during pregnancy.

What is toxoplasmosis?

The toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that can affect all mammals, including humans. However, cats are the only ones in which the parasite produces eggs.

Cats usually get the disease in its earliest ages, usually between two and four months since it is the time to begin hunting or eating raw meat like birds or mice could be infected. They can also become infected by being in contact with the feces of cats with the disease. If a cat is infected, eliminate oocysts by their feces. These are microorganisms players, or what is the same, who could transmit the disease to pregnant women. However, the incubation period of the oocysts is between one to five days; therefore, feces of a cat suffering toxoplasmosis be contagious only after one day. The disease usually lasts about two weeks, and once your pet has developed, not suffer it again except in very unusual cases.

In any case, the most common infection of toxoplasmosis in people is derived from the consumption of raw meat, undercooked or poorly washed vegetables and not from direct infection with a cat.

Tips to avoid infection

If you are pregnant and have a cat, first, do not be alarmed. Your pet or yourself might you have already passed the disease and therefore not be at risk of developing it again. Our recommendation is that you take a test to your pet and if you do, you give a too negative test in the doctor to see if you can get the disease or if you’ve already passed.

If both results are the negative note of these recommendations :

  • Do not enter into direct contact with the feces of your cat; ask someone for help or wear gloves.
  • Tray clean your cat droppings before within 24 hours since defecated.
  • Do not take your hands to your mouth after handling your pet feces.
  • Feed your pet cat food and cans, and under no circumstances, give him raw meat.
  • Try to keep your cat at home or in spaces away from animals that can hunt, dirt and feces of other cats.

Otherwise, make normal life with your cat, spend time with him as you always do and forget the idea of ​​separating your side during those months so special. If you take the precautions, we’ve told you, avoid the risk of contagion and when your child will be born the best companion to share adventures.

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