Toxoplasmosis Do you know this disease?

Here we explain what the disease and preventive measures recommended to take before it:

Toxoplasmosis: is an infectious disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. A protozoan parasite that invades the tissues of some animals, including humans and cats.

Most cats do not have the disease. Those who get the usually acquire when young, usually between two and four months. That’s the time when they start to hunt or eat raw meat like birds or mice could be infected.

They can also get sick, being in contact with feces of cats with the disease.

The disease usually lasts two weeks. Once the cat suffers not often develop again in his life, except in isolated cases.

If a cat is infected, it will remove the parasite eggs (oocysts) by their feces. Through feces infected with oocysts, it is how the disease is transmitted. However, this is not so simple. To make stools contagious, you must pass between 1 and 5 days when the oocysts mature. And besides, there should be a Gold-fecal contact for transmission.

In any case, the most common infection of toxoplasmosis in people is derived from the consumption of raw meat, undercooked or poorly washed vegetables and not from direct disease with a cat.

The disease is not dangerous to humans; if we perform a blood test, many of us would have antibodies having passed at some stage of our life. The dangers come, as we have said before if contracted at certain stages of pregnancy. In such cases, it can cause severe damage to the fetus and even abortions.


Measures to prevent toxoplasmosis are of great importance, especially in pregnant women.

First, your doctor must conduct a test to see if you had the disease at some point in your life. If so, you will be immune to it, and there will be no significant problem.

Otherwise, you should take many precautions:

It is vital to wash the vegetables well before eating. It was not recommended eating raw or undercooked meat, as there are risks of infection by eating it.

Regarding your cat, the first thing is not to be alarmed. There are tests to see if your cat has the disease or not, and also here we give many recommendations:

  1. – Do not let your cat go outside. If you quit, you can interact with other cats with the disease. Besides, you can hunt animals like birds and mice that can spread it.
  2. Do not feed them raw meat. It is best to feed it with specific cat food. So they have a diet that gives them everything you need and does not open risks.
  3. Try as little as possible their litter tray. It is recommended to ask for help someone to do it, and if not possible, wear gloves. Thus, the possibility of contracting the disease is minimized.
  4. You have to clean the litter box daily. Oocysts need 1 to 5 days to mature if you clean the tray every day, no time to become infectious.
  5. Maintain hygiene when handling feces or litter box your cat.
  6. With these simple tips, the risk of contracting the disease is almost nil, and you can enjoy your cat, and your pregnancy relax. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

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