Why is there to take care of our pets metabolism?

Keep proper care of your body weight and helps predict disease. Pets & I want to give you some tips to care for your pet ‘s metabolism.

To take care of feeding our dogs and cats is advisable to follow a few steps, the most important is to choose the feed for dogs and cats to supply correctly. Apart from what they eat must be aware of their physical activity, keeping active our pets makes your muscles are stronger. To play with them for a while is enough, is both healthy and fun for them and you. Of course and as always we advise that it is best to go to your vet, there you can answer questions like how much feed is recommended for your pet or if the chosen diet is correct.

We are going to focus more on the subject of food as it is the most important that our animals are a potent factor. Overweight pets are something to consider. The excess weight is the order of the day, more and more pets with this problem, and this leads to increase disease in both dogs and cats.

Cats and feeding:

For cats, the most common diseases are related to feline lower urinary tract (FLUTD). The cause of this condition may be due to high levels of minerals that carry some food. This can form urinary stones. Also, stress or low water consumption can cause this disease. There is special feed for cats, as the range Metabolic + Urinary Hills, which provide this disease and controls the animal ‘s weight. It contains nutrients that improve energy metabolism and in turn help neutralize free radicals and combat urolithiasis.

Dogs and feeding:

Dogs also have to watch your diet, if any, may come to suffer osteoarthritis because of overweight. Ie, they have problems in their joints, and this influences their mobility. The feed dogs Hills are recommended to avoid soothe aching joints and tissues. The right food helps your dog is healthier and watches your metabolism.


We remember for both dogs and cats, always consult with your veterinarian any other dietary changes. Note that some feed for cats and dogs feed are for when the animal is adult, not for puppies, also not for dogs or cats in gestation and lactation.

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