You know you want to tell your cat at all times?

We can show joy, but also anger, fear, or pain. It is essential to know the feline language to have a good relationship with our pets. If we know, that means every bodily or linguistic manifestation. We see what happens to our friend at all times.

The different parts of the cat’s body move and change as your mood changes. Then we explain how to interpret essential signals.

Eyes :

If we look at the eyes of the cats, we can describe many things in his current mood. For example, full – eyed, often indicate curious and alert. If they have dilated pupils, it is usually because they are afraid or are suffering stress at the time.

If you stare at your cat’s eyes for a while, possibly feel threatened. For them, the gaze is a warning or threat. The dominant cat usually holds off so the more submissive. That is why, it is said that cats, when guests take home, approach the person who least likes cats because they ignore them and do not maintain fixed eye contact.

However, if your cat looks at you and squints making a “wink” with both eyes, you can feel lucky. This signal also called “kiss the cut,” is used by cats to express affection, and say to the other that they feel relaxed. If you would do to your cat, you will help to relax on occasion.


As in dogs, in cats, ears “are very expressive.” Cats ears are very mobile. They can move about in all directions. If the ears are up and running the cat, she is happy and attentive. The van was turning to orient toward the sounds that are coming at him from different parts.

If the cat shows ears laid back and sides, it is very likely to be angry. In these cases, it is better to leave and not force handling or may attack us.

If you have them down, acachadas, the cat is showing an aggressive attitude, usually put them well when they are in some dispute. According to some experts, it is a way of protection.

The tail:

The tail indicates many moods of cats. If the cat’s tail is vertical, it means that our friend is happy. The tip of the tail vertically bent to one side, indicates curiosity. If you have it between the legs or lower, you might be scared or angry.

The movements also tell us your mood. A tail was moving slowly smooth, indicating tranquility or concentration game. Whereas, if the queue moves quickly and sharply, our little friends are trying to say we are nervous or uncomfortable with the situation.

Other signs:

When a cat arches its back, and low ears can mean a threat posture and an immediate attack. Kittens, when they are small, often adopt this position as a game.

In addition to body postures, cats launch other communication signals. For example, one of the most known is the hum. It is well known that when a cat purrs, it feels comfortable, some cats even drool when they’re happy and purring.

Some authors argue that the drone can also indicate pain or illness. However, it is not common in a cat.

The snorts are also common in cats. Usually, indicate that you are scared; it’s a way to launch a threat.

On the other hand, meowing in cats are very different. It is said that there are over 16 different vocalizations. Cats modulate the tone and volume of his meow as want to express one thing or another. Cat owners, over time, they learn to differentiate some meows others to know you are trying to tell them his friend.

Cats also show their affection or greeting rubbing against the legs of people. If your cat does that, you’re usually showing what you would find is happy. If skims over her face, often what you do is mark their territory.

If your cat feels confident with you, many times, you see lying belly up, this, as mentioned, indicates confidence. If you touch the gut, it usually bothers and goes, because it is an area that is not typically pleasant for them.

The world of the language of cats is pervasive. This article attempts to summarize the main communication signals issued our little friends, but many others can be learning in daily life with them.

We hope that knowing these signs, your relationship improves, and may be able to enjoy more of the beautiful world of cats.

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